My name is Rosie Khdir and I am a digital journalist with a love for fashion. I decided to combine my passion for filling my wardrobe and my knowledge of the gadget world to create Fashionology.

I hope you will all be as excited as I am about the union of these two subjects that are the true embodiment of geek chic.

If you have any questions about Fashionology, advertising or product reviews, please contact me via email at rosiekhdir@fashionology.co.uk


  1. Zara says:

    Thanks for following me on twitter! I love your blog!! I make quirky jewellery and some are working vintage inspired gadgets. Email me for more info. Thanks, Zara:)

  2. Clare Cooper says:

    I am interested in technology, women and fashion collaborations thanks

  3. A very interesting idea for a website! Now follwing you on twitter

  4. Robbie ;) says:

    Very good website :) multi talented 😉

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