DVF Shiny Ink Frame | Google Glass

DVF | Made for Glass

July 20, 2014

After revealing Google Glass to the world at her Spring/Summer 2013 runway show in New York, Diane Von Furstenberg was revered as one of the few luxury designers who has embraced technology. Not content with simply showing off Google’s new invention, the DVF team have now created a limited edition range of spectacles that are designed specifically to fit Google Glass technology. You can view the DVF teaser Instagram video below…

DVF | Made For Glass

Diane Von Furstenberg has created three styles; the Shiny Ink Frame, the Bronze Gradient Aviator and the Sea Emerald Flash Aviator, all soon to be sold on Net-A-Porter.com. All three frames come with Google Glass, with which allows you to take photos, get directions and generally hook up to your digital world.

DVF Shiny Ink Frame | Google Glass


DVF Bronze Gradient Aviator | Google Glass

DVF Sea Emerald Flash Aviator | Google Glass


With a price tag of around £1,000 ($1,800) I’m still not convinced that Google Glass will make its way into our everyday lives. Even with a stylish touch from DVF the Google Glass technology still looks a tad clunky. With smartphones and tablets getting lighter and ever-more sophisticated, I can’t see the fashionistas of the modern age donning camera on their heads while running from Ato-B in their DVF wrap dresses.

Although it is refreshing to see other luxury designers getting on board the Fashionology wagon, I think Google Glass is a technology far more suited to explorers and people engaging in sports activities. I can’t see the navigation functions and handsfree photography becoming mainstream, the demand just isn’t there yet. We will keep our eyes and ears alert for the next high-end fashion and technology collaboration from DVF!




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