Atomic Floyd MiniDart Earphone Review

December 4, 2013

If earphones are on your Christmas list this year make sure that you specify to Santa that you need the Atomic Floyd MiniDart earphones. We have reviewed a fair few earphones on Fashionology and I have to say these are the new number one in our league table.

Atomic Floyd Mini Dart Earphones

Earbud style headphones very rarely offer the same listening experience as on-ear headphones but the Atomic Floyd MiniDarts are a revelation! They provide the user with a very decent 2-way noise isolation system, so you can’t hear those around you, and they can’t hear your guilty pleasures.

Atomic Floyd Mini Dart Earphones

Once fitted firmly in your ear with the appropriate size soft pliable bud (of which there are 3 options S,M or L) you are left in your own little world. The bass on these little earphones is really impressive; the sound has so much more depth than the Beats by Dre in-earphones we have previously tried and the quality is crisp. I tried a variety of music styles from power ballads to reggae and the Atomic Floyds held their own; not tinny, not crackly…just musical bliss!

Not only is the sound quality exceptional, but they look great! The buds themselves have a brushed metal finish as does the remote. As you would expect with anything made from quality materials such as these, it does make the earphones a little on the heavy side. The bold red gives and on-trend touch without being too garish and the branding on the buds and the cable splitter is a pleasant and unobtrusive detail.

Atomic Floyd Mini Dart Earphones

The main body of wire is anti-tangle whereas the top half connecting to the earbuds is rubber which gives you a bit more movement around the head when you’re on the go. Nothing worse than a stiff cable tugging on your ear all the time!

The Atomic Floyd MiniDarts comes with the below accessories:

  • S/M/L silicone eartips
  • Protective silicone rubber pouch
  • DJ jack
  • Airplane adapter

The one downfall of this truly amazing product is the compatibility. At the moment the remote and mic on the earphones can only be used with iPhone, iPad, iPod and BlackBerry, which as a Android phone user is really disappointing to hear.

Other than this, these headphones really can’t be faulted. They can be yours for £179.00, available from

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