The Talking Shoe, by Adidas and Google

March 18, 2013

Finding the motivation to get exercising is always hard, that’s why many turn to a personal trainer…but what if you could get motivated from your trainers?

Google and Adidas Talking Shoe

Adidas have joined forces with the innovation giant that is Google to create The Talking Shoe. Adidas and Google have gone further than Nike with their ‘Smart Shoes’ which record your¬†performance, and have created some footwear that actually encourages you to exercise.

Google and Adidas Talking Shoe

I always think that if you have someone nagging you, you’d go for that jog around the park, and that’s exactly what The Talking Shoe does. Underneath its rather normal trainer exterior, complete with laces and Google coloured stripes, it has been fitted with a gyroscope, Bluetooth as well as catalogue of 250 phrases that will either praise you for your efforts or shame you into moving your a**!

Google and Adidas Talking Shoe

It uses its Bluetooth technology to communicate with an app that updates your social network (what looks from the video like Google +) on your movements, highly shaming you if it cracks outs the “I’m growing weeds here!” line. Other corkers include “I love the feeling of the wind in my laces” and “Quick. Someone check my pulse”!

Google and Adidas Talking Shoe

Unfortunately The Talking Shoe won’t be appearing in a Footlocker near you; it is for now an experiment created by Google’s Art Copy&Code project, Adidas, ad agency 72andSunny, startup YesYesNo and design firm Studio 5050.

Although it has not hit the shelves I think this project shows the direction both the fashion and technology industries are heading. As technology becomes an even more inextricable¬†part of lives, fashion will have to adapt to accommodate. Here at Fashionology we can’t wait for the day concepts like this appear on the high street!

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