Lalita iPhone case

Lalita iPhone case: an interview with the designers!

April 2, 2012

Mother and Daughter duo, Saru Balkrishnan and Keira Duffy are the creators of the Lalita iPhone case, a gadget accessory that is both practical and very fashion conscious.

Lalita iPhone Case

Available from, these cases come in brown, blue, pink and lime green, each with their own individual vintage print lining. Fashionology was lucky enough to catch up with Saru and Keira to find out where the inspiration came from for such a wonderful line of gadget cases.

Saru and Keira

What made you branch out and start designing gadget cases?

Having a vintage fashion website our passion lies with the old, however we love it in a modern setting. We want to step away from the idea that vintage could mean dated and bring it into a place where it directly relates with today. Designing vintage inspired phone cases therefore seemed like a logical step, as it meant we could combine the flavours of the past with something new and current.

Lalita iPhone case

Are you big technology users?

Yes, we carry our phones with us always and having an online shop we are very reliant on technology.  We both use Blackberries which act as a virtual office when we’re on the go.  Proporta kindly made us Lalita vintage cases to fit our blackberries and we have absolutely loved using them – as they protect our phones and look extremely stylish!

Where did you get the inspiration for each of the unique prints features in the Lalita iPhone cases?

Initially we had the idea to create four special cases for celebrities – Stephen Fry, Jason Bradbury, Lauren Laverne and Polly Vernon.  We selected four vintage silk ties to be used as linings and chose four unique leathers to match them keeping the celebrities personalities in mind.  These were so well received we wanted to create something that would be available to everyone.

Inside the Lalita iPhone Case

We were inspired by the detail that lies in vintage items. Often the fastenings and linings are as beautiful and important as the exteriors, and this was something that we wanted to bring to our cases which is why it was so important to have the unique linings.

We see so many stunning and vibrant vintage scarves and ties that we wanted to create something reminiscent of these fabulous materials and designs. We were particularly influenced by the shapes and eclectic colours of the 70s and with each case we started with a different colour palette to create an individual vibe.

Are there more pieces in the pipeline, maybe cases for other phone types?

We have really loved collaborating with Proporta and have some ideas for other gadget cases too!

Lynnette Prigmore, Head of Product at said that they are currently sampling some designs for iPad 3, so we will keep our eyes peeled and report back!

Lalita iPhone Case

Last month Fashionology gave away one of these gorgeous cases to lucky winner Jemma Chalmers! To get one of you own, all you have to do it visit

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