Samsung 900X laptop

The Collection from Windows 7

July 12, 2011

When I first heard about The Collection I have to say I was quite excited, after all a fashionable laptop is what inspired me to start up Fashionology in the first place!

Microsoft’s Windows 7 team has selected a collection of laptops across all the top brands which an suit individual needs, whether that’s an everyday PC, a gaming machine or a mobile companion for the likes of us bloggers. Microsoft invited a group of fashion blogger down the event showcase some of the more stylish pieces and Fashionology was more than happy to accept!

The Collection from Windows 7

I was waiting to see what  Microsoft thought fashion bloggers would be interested in, as most manufacturers have the girls + tech = bright pink laptop mentality. Most of us look for a bit more from our gadgets: a decent hard drive, speedy processor and a yes, maybe a little styling. This however, doesn’t necessarily mean we want to walk around looking like Elle from Legally Blonde.

So when Robert from Microsoft began his presentation I heaved a sigh of relief! The line up included the Lenovo IdeaPad U260, a book-like laptop that is thin, lightweight and soft as a pair of new suede shoes! It is equipped with an Intel i3 Core processor, 4GB RAM, 128 GB hard drive and a 12.5″ LED HD display.  It retails at around £799, depending on the spec and comes in burnt orange and a creamy mocha colour (pictured below), de-lish!

lenovo ideapad U260

Next to catch my eye was the Dell Inspiron Duo. This is one of the best netbook/tablet conversions I have seen on the market to date. This nifty 10.1″ machine can literally flip from netbook to touchscreen tablet in seconds. It has an Intel Atom Dual Core processor, up to 2GB RAM, up to 320GB hard drive and a weight of just 1.54Kg. I swear my handbag weighs twice that much most days! The best thing about his tablet/netbook is the cost; prices start at just £449.

Dell Inspiron Duo

I have always been a fan of Sony VAIO laptops. They are fast, equipped with sharp screens, have longevity and come in fabulously bright colours. I have reviewed a few VAIO laptops before and the C Series shown in The Collection is definitely the bold. It comes in neon green and orange, which you will either love or hate. It has an impressive spec line up though, including an Intel i5 Core processor, 4Gb RAM and 320GB hard drive as well as as DVD drive and AMD Radeon graphics. It will set you back around £749.

Sony VAIO C Series

Now for the Pièce de résistance, the cream of the crop, the best of best – ok I am majorly biased with this laptop because it is the one I am typing this blog on! Microsoft decided to give away a laptop at this wonderful fashion blogger event and after a pretty tense head-to-head during the fashion-themed quiz, I won the top prize, which to my delight was a Samsung 900X laptop!

Samsung 900X laptop

This laptop is simply a dream. It is razor thin, as light as a feather and as stylish as I hope to be someday. It has smooth curved edges and a chassis made from aircraft grade aluminium. The chiclet keys are comfortable to type on and have a handy back-lighting feature. The crystal clear 13.3″ SuperBright Plus LED screen is great for watching movies and automatically adjusts in brighteness to match your surroundings. In a nutshell, I am in love.

This kind of laptop is a real investment for anyone who requires a lightweight gadget that does not need to be glued to the plug socket 24/7. It has an impressive 7 hour battery life and is a top performer with its Intel i5 Core processor, up to 8GB RAM and 128 GB solid state hard drive. The only set back is that is is quite pricey, retailing  at around £1299, but like I said it is an investment.

Samsung 900X laptop

So as the popularity battle between Macs and PCs bumbles on, The Collection stands as a true triumph for the PC side. To find the PC that suits you, visit Microsoft’s The Collection page.

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